I arrived in Zurich first.
The biggest thing i really surprised is the prices!
Foods and drinks are so exensive in the city! Maybe 3-4times? OMG!!
The place im staying is pretty nice and including breakfast 🙂
I didnt eat enough the night so i ate breakfast like a monster haha

In the morning, unfortunately it was cloudy!
I really looked forward to see the mountains view in Zurich tho.

But here are still many beautiful stuffs!
Visited a church n the twin tower(i think thats a symbol of here) n walked around the lake as well.

Zurich is not very big city but im exhausted!
Coz i walked around maybe 4laps hahaha
Also waiting for the sunshine!

After lunch time te weather was getting better 🙂 so i went up to the top of tower!
Awesome view from there!
I couldnt see the white mountains in the background but still pretty town here 🙂

And in the lake I saw many swans!
They are quite biggg and looks elegance!

I didnt go any restaurant for dinner..
Coz you know.. hahaha

So i bought this in supermarket lol
Looks breakfast hahaha
The chees is sooooo yummmy! I love that!

Anyway im so tired! X(
Im gonna take a rest well for tomorrow!



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