Got there in the morning, then walked to the backpacker I stayed.

I carried my whole baggages n It was 3~4km way! Ahhh!

Good exercise for me..

I had no idea about metro in paris so I just walked anyway 😛

First day

Been to the Museum Louvre.

I had never seen such a extreme big building!

Soooooo huge!Amazing beautiful!

The insinde is also an art.

Im not sure how long I was prowling in louvre. Maybe over 3~4hours? Can you imagine?

Still there are some areas i didnt go in.

If you play "hide and seek" in louvre... you know? Haha

20140308_143201_res ize_20140314_082654

Then I met a friend who I met in Newzealand and lives in Paris.

It was wonderful to see her again x)

Then got some beer!! 😀

After that we joined a party of city university hahaha

Students are doing same in all over the world! Not many people can speak in Engliah but there are guys who know few Japanese words!
It was verrrry interesting night!

I had never thought I join a college party in Paris lol


Next day my friend took me to the Tower eiffel!! We had lunch with her cousin^^

It was super good weather while I was in the city! Im so lucky!

After lunch,we said "Good bye"

And I went to the 2nd floor of eiffel by stairs! You know? "Stairs!!" Ahhhh! I wanted to use elevator! Why noooot!?

But when i got there I never feel tirednessss. Because of the awesome view from there!
I didnt go to the top of the eiffel this time.

Im just a traveler now, I will go to the top with somebody one day 🙂

I ate an Ice cream under the eiffel hehe

Walked to the triumphal arch and looked around champs eleese 🙂
I was abit tired so killed the time in a caffe untill dinner time.

Had dinner In the champs eleese, then go to the triumphal arch to get on the top!

Unfortunately there is in repairing now so only half part i could go.


The night view is also ammmaizing!

Ah when I was taking picture on the top.

Met japanese visitors n I asked them to take some pics of me.

Then i asked them where are you from?

They said Kasugai!!(my town) Lol

Haha thats sooo funny lol

I met kasugai people on the top of triumphal arch hahaha
Then i took metro n went back my accommodation.

(This time i alreay know how to take a metro anyway)

In the morning.

I had time to say good bye for the city so aftr i packed I went to the city with my baggages again. was just in days but

Now i know Paris is quite beautiful city! Modern people live in many old buildings! Soo cool. If i compare with our capital "Tokyo", thats toooootaly different!

Here is no tall buildings like tokyo. I cant explain well with my poor vocabs but Paris is mixed the old stuffs n modern stuffs goodly!!

Ah and I also visited BF3 places haha
Seine crossing
Operation metro


Oneday I will comeback!

Maybe for Japan expo? Haha


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