I arrived at lunch time.
My friend who lives here came to pick me up to the railway station.
after I put my baggages we went to her college.
I took Japanese class and English class in Lille France haha

The Japanese class is so boring, (-_-)
The teacher speaks so small voice and I couldnt understand what he said even he says in Japanese.
ahh..  :S  i wanna help them to learn Japanese better  haha.

In the English class
Teacher speaks in only English and students follow that too.
means.. I joined them  😀  haha
I and some students talked about environment  in the group work^^

after that I and my friend went to supper!!
it was first time I tried PANINI.
do you know PANINI??

I like that 😛
the sauce is called SAMOURAI??
I guess it means as SAMURAI.
a bit spicy but yummy one!!!

next day
We just walked around in the city.
Supermarket... there are so many sorts of cheese!!
Game store..  looks same but Mario speaks in French!! haha
Book store...  there are Manga and Ghibli stuff ^^

I also tried Sushi of France!!  mnnn yea?
thats good^^ actually the miso soup is nice too!
I can choose two types of soy sauces, one is sweet and another is normal.
of course I chose normal one!  otherwise very sweet for Japanese people i think.

and Bubble tea that was first time for me again.
I only know Tapioca tho.. it was funny. i dunno what it is made by.
but when you crush it in your mouth..feel so funny 😀 haha

and then had dinner.
just I tried something very local meal. with the Beer too!!
look at my plate!
meat,meat,meat,and meat and tuna!!! could you find the healthy salad? 😛  it was sooo big meal but tasts amazing x) yay

next day
just walked on the streets again.
and tried to go to a Zoo!!
I hadnt been to zoo for long time.
and were sitting on a bench for looong time. hahahaha
weather was perfect and pretty warm day!! many people run and ridding bicycle in the town.

I really felt like calm here in Lille.
since I left Japan I was doing something always!! Non stop!!!
visiting somewhere. take trains,metro.... what should I do? where should I go which I should eat?
I put too much things in such a short travel. i guess.  it was so busy.
but I think the time I was in Lille was special.
also there are not many visitors.  i guess most people on street are living here.  very real France is there.

the morning I was leaving
She came to see me off to the train station^^

Thank you very much for everything  🙂


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