Bruxelles 2015

Happy New Year 🙂

I have been to Bruxelles for new year eve.
It was so beautiful place.


I arrived at Paris-Charles-de-Gaulle in Frace first.
omg.. extreme biggggg airport..


then went to Lille by TGV.

I stayed in Lille.
actually I left to Bruxelle 30th morning.

There is just 40min from Lille tho 😛

A metro in Bruxelle, I saw straps which are made by real leather!!
I havent seen such a cool strap in Japan. We have only plastic one.


Arrived at Grand Place :3
Stayed in the hotel in the great location. just 5min by walk here!


Its a Sweeeeet chocolate world.
so many chocolate shops around here and beautiful restaurants.


Did you see my new facebook picture?
I was eating this waffle.

Whipped cream and chocolate sauce on strawberry...
damn.. already i cant find where the waffle is.. istnt it?

Ate it next to the Pis boy.

haha  he is smaller than i thought.
1st Jan, He didnt pis on the day.   He also needed a break maybe lol


there are so many nice stuffs!!!
Beer. meat. seafood as well!!!


The 31th night, Everybody was waiting for the new year around Grand Place.  I was one of them.



This is a street behind the Grand Place.
its like a fest!! people were dancing and singing so much X)
Amazing and Lovely Fantastic moment of New Year ever!!!


1st Jan,
streets are so quiet..
like the last night was a dream.


just ate some Frites like that.

and had some coffee.

To be relaxed......and
To forget that I have to be back to the real world...

Time fly so fast.. :-/

I have begun to work from April.
its a first time that I had a long dayoff like this.
and I felt how much the time valuable and precious in this time.

I think I will never forget this trip 🙂


Hello 2015.  I will do my best for you.



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