Venezia and Milano

I took a train at 9 pm from Wien and arrived in Venezia at 8 am.
In the train there was a small bottle of wine and a snack ^^  ohh I was inpressed!!! 🙂

When I was on the train,  there was no announcement when the train crossed the border line.
I have no idea where I took this picture  haha

I was traveling in Europe by trains.  but actually I didnt know at which moment I had crossed the border lines all the time  😛

1 hour before arriving at Venezia the train stuff brought me a cup of coffee 🙂   then  I packed all my stuff...


Buon giorno!! Venezia!!!!!


I left my baggage with the baggage service in the station.
then walked around in Veniezia 😀

In the morning weather was bad.. it was  smoggggggggggy!!!! x(


I had lasanga for a lunch.  and looked around Venezia some more.

The weather got better in the after noon^^


Venezia is like maze!!!  I got lost my way many times!! there is no straight street!!!

20140317_165759 20140317_170412

I had to take a train to go to Milano 7pm.
So I had dinner abit early time the evening.

This was final destination!! and I used the final ticket of trains!!!

Then I arrived in Milano  at 9pm
I went to my hotel by metro.  I needed to transfer but I didnt know How to get and how to buy the ticket...
There were 6 ticket bending machines.........and also 6 beggars each next to one of the bending machines.. wow..

I was scared but suddenly  a guy came next to me and he asked to me"where are you gonna go?"  then I said my station's name.   he told me how to buy the ticket and where my hotel located!!!  super nice guy!!! haha  I was so luckyy!!

When  I got the near the hotel I didnt know where the entrance of the hotel was I asked a guy on the street.  He looked for the hotel with me seriously!!! and He found it!!!   wow I was so luckyyy again!!! lol

Finally I got to the hotel around 10:30!!! yay!!

Next day
I went to the city!!!!
20140318_111950 20140318_112648 20140318_113314

went to the top of the church and walked around in Milano!!!
20140318_114908 20140318_115321

The weather was amazing!!!
I had a margherita for a lunch hehehe
20140318_121342 20140318_131636

When I felt few tired, just had a espresso in a cafe,  also the weather was  beatuiful so I got a beer to drink outside!!!

I had forgotten to look at Leonardo's "The Last dinner"
I went there!!!!    Before my Last dinner in Europe!!!!   😛 hehe

It sounds not bad!!! isnt it?  haha

When I go back to the central of city   I ate gelato 🙂

while watching the sunset!!

and this was my last dinner!!!!!!

Can you see the white ball shape????  😀
That was a mozzarella (water buffalo)!!!!  it was so yummyyyy
and steak!!!!   hahaha
This is how a last dinner should be!!!!

Then I said good bye to the city and took the metro to my hotel.
20140318_195715 20140318_200420

The next morning. there was a strike !!!  the trains and metro werent running!!!!! OMG!!!
So I took a bus to get to my airport directly.  because there were some buses like that.     such a crazy story!! coz they prepare the buses!!!!    :/


anyway I got to the airport before 1.5hour before 🙂

There were some problems but I enjoyed a lot^^
I think I am lucky and grew up a little bit and learned to survive!!!  haha

SA.YO.NA.RA!!!! Europe!!!!!  See you next time 😀


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