I arrived at after lunch time.
Had a first cup of cafee in a starbacks lyon
I was asked my name and he wrote my name on the cup "kiloshi" and call me like that ah...Oui? Lol
Killed the time untill checkin time of my hotel in lyon.
Then got there.
Around the station, the city looks very modern.
I was really tired so didnt do anything for a while.
In the afternoon, i went to a supermarket to buy something.
And there are some sorts of milks. But I had no idea whats different between in these.
Then asked to a guy next me.
And he advised nicely 🙂
And he asked me where i am from.
Me) Japan.
Guy) really!? He explained that He is a chef of quite famous japanese restaurant! And he visited several times to japan!!
And we talk whole time in the supermarket then lol
Also exchanged the email.
He said he guides in lyon tomorrow! How lucky i am!
It was amazing x)
After that I went to a restaurant for dinner.
I really needed some meats for my exhosted body the night haha
Next morning I washed my clothes first time in this trip then had break with wine and cheese. It was so good to spend the time i guess 🙂
Then went out to catch up the guy!
We talked in English and he translated to French if its needed. He needed to go home before lunch time tho it was reallllllly helpful ever!! Merciiii ^^
Then got sandwich for lunch and... Orangina! Lol
Yep! we know that in japan also thats from France.

After lunch
Went up to the hill, there is a big church!
I know here is a cablecar to get on the top tho...
I got there by walk hehehe
It was sooo hard but it didnt matter anymore when i arrived!!
It was awesome view!! 🙂
I cant explain well tho!

Every building looks old n beautiful.
Near the station, there is a modern city but after just clossed a river, its like hundreds year ago! 🙂
The weather was very goood while im in lyon.
Not staying long time but i think i enjoyed lyon so much!

I had dinner close to my hotel finally. I didnt wanna go anywhere so. But it was lovely meal!

Merci Lyon I will come back one day^^


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